Do You Need Basic Plumbing Skills?

April 24th, 2014

Jesus was a plumber… or was it a carpenter? Well close enough! Plumbing is a respected and well paying profession in America. Covering activities such as home repairs, installations, factories maintenance, and so on, this industry is very broad. At home, plumbing works are common and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach is popular when it comes to repairs and installation at home.

Just how well are your plumbing skills? To help answer this question, get a family member or neighbor and try the following:

  1. List three important plumbing regulations applicable in your area
  2. Pick five major plumber tools and demonstrate how they are used
  3. List five safety precautions a homeowner must observe when doing water repairs and installations in the home
  4. Identify three types of pipes that a plumber commonly uses and give the reasons these pipes are preferred
  5. Take two pieces of metallic pipes, thread and connect them

Damage to the pipework, falling faucets, and clogging of sinks are common issues in a home. With basic plumbing skills, you can do simple repairs around the home without having to call the plumber.

About the Author

Frank Lobbet is the owner of Super Plumbing LLC in South Florida. He teaches plumbers in Fort Laduderdale and all around South Florida the advanced plumbing technologies. Lobbet believes every house head should have at least some basic plumbing knowledge as it is very useful to be able to help around the house. If you would like training on the basics of plumbing, call Super Plumbing LLC at (954) 870 5355 for more info

Finacial Advice: Save Money By Buying Your Luxuries.. Pre Owned

April 24th, 2014

Some of us just can’t help it, we like quality. We sometimes forget that luxury does not necessarily has to come with a astronomical price tag. For example, buying a used Rolex watch is a good way of saving money instead of buying it full price. A brand new Rolex watch costs more than 50 percent more compared to a perfect condition, yet lightly used Rolex. These watches are made of high quality materials and careful workmanship, so they are able to last for a very long time. Their depreciation rate is very slow so as to enable boosting of their lifespan. It is also very important to note that after 30 years the value of used Rolex watches starts to increase because they start to get collected as vintage collections.

A Used Rolex Costs Way Less

If you are into rolex watches, you know people entering into rooms while wearing these watches are always noticed. Rolex watches make people stylish and it is easier to buy used Rolex watches. This is because there are many online websites where you can buy these items easily. Get yourself a used Rolex watch and be sure to save your money!

If you need to sell your rolex watch, do not pawn it. Instead, sell it online for much more or trade it for another one. There are many websites, including ebay where you can sell your used rolex for more. I recommend as they have never failed me.

About the Author:

Daniel Carvajal is a common guest here at Power 105 The King. He gives us his expert opinion whenever we speak about important topics as finances and living frugally.

Guest Post: Online Marketing with Google Adwords

April 24th, 2014

Any online business needs high internet traffic on its website in order to ensure online visibility for its products and services and reach potential customers. Using Google Adwords is an effective strategy for creating online marketing campaigns. Google Adwords provides the possibility to target your advertising to achieve more visitors and increased traffic. It also gives the means to improve your website’s exposure to the search engines. With advertising campaigns on Google Adwords you can easily track your online marketing expenses. You can also evaluate the results of your advertising campaigns and make any necessary changes in order to improve them.

The advertising methods on Google Adwords are user friendly. They are based on keywords that will be displayed on the page when users are searching using Google search. The intelligent advertising system takes care that your ads are selected depending on the relevance to the user searches. By targeting your advertising campaigns you can narrow down your focus toward the potential customers for your services and products.

About This Post

This tip was shared by radio advertiser and Google Adwords Experts For more information on how to advertise on Google using AdWords, or showing up on the first page of Google using a process called Search Engine Optimization, visit their site. If you need this information in Spanish, David Saba also runs, a blog about SEO in Spanish.

Locksmiths in Roswell Found to Be Coming Back to Steal from Clients

April 24th, 2014

Recent police reports show that a wave of locksmith related robberies have been going on in Roswell for the last year or so. Apparently, the client calls the locksmith when they get locked out, the locksmith company arrives and performs the service as it normally would, with one caveat… they keep a spare key of the lock they installed! Days or months later, somebody completely different, unrelated to the locksmith company passes by your house, and effortlessly opens the front door.

Careful with locksmiths in Roswell

Most locksmith victims reported only a handful items where lifted from their homes, however, it lools like we are dealing with professional thiefs here as they chose the victim’s priciest possessions.

It is important for you to seek quality locksmith services especially in Roswell from companies with a good reputation, and those that have got well trained and experienced employees who can deliver quality services. A licensed professional Roswell locksmith company should be at the forefront of delivery of their services at any time of the day because locksmith services are normally required during emergencies. Locksmith costs incurred in hiring a locksmith professional vary depending on the type of company.

An example of a situation where one can seek locksmith service is when one has been locked out of the car. There are several locksmith companies that aid in dealing with such kind of situations. These Locksmith companies normally deal with such a situation by sending experts to re-cut or extract a new key for the key of their client. These kinds of services are usually offered by experts irrespective of the extent of repair that is needed to be done on the keys under consideration.

Heaven is For Real Makes an Impact at the Box Office

April 23rd, 2014


The movie Heaven is For Real has gained a lot of attention among movie goers in the United States and across the world. It is based on the true story of a little boy who believes that he visited heaven and met with Jesus and relatives that had died before he was born. The little boy described meeting people that no one had told him about and his story has raised interest and controversy among people all across America. We will look at the impact that this movie has had at the box office, not just in terms of its earnings but the discussions that it has initiated among people of different beliefs across America. We will also examine the different factors that may have helped to make the movie such a success.

Traditionally, faith based films have not always drawn huge crowds but this has been changing. Son of God earned a total of $59 million domestically. Noah has earned over $90 million domestically and God’s Not Dead has earned almost $50 million so far. Heaven is For Real has so far exceeded the expectations that some people had of faith based films. The movie has earned a significant sum at the box office and has taken in over $21 million in the United States alone.

Heaven Is For Real Movie

To get an idea of just how well the film has done, it can be compared to other films that examine life out of the ordinary, such as the film Transcendence. Transcendence describes a man’s transition from being human to something different. Transcendence describes the protagonist as only human, in the beginning of the film, in effect, this description makes being human seem like something less. Despite all the ways in which human beings struggle, our humanity is still a beautiful thing. People are less interested in a film that caters to a need that they do not have and are more interested in learning about a need that they currently have, that is, finding out what really happens after death.

Transcendence has a cast which usually draws a significant crowd at the box office and this factor often influences earnings. Johnny Depp, of Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland and other highly acclaimed films, is the main character in the story. Yet, despite the celebrity of the major stars in Transcendence, Heaven is For Real, has surpassed its earnings so far by at least $10 million.

The difference in earnings may be due to the fact that Heaven is for Real targets a larger audience. The movie gained attention from both a faith based audience and a wider mainstream audience. People who are likely to watch Transcendence may also watch faith based films such as Noah or Heaven is For Real. However, movie goers who tend to prefer faith based movies may not necessarily watch a film such as Transcendence, which caters more to a sci-fi audience.

Heaven is For Real was directed by Randall Wallace, who also wrote Braveheart, Pearl Harbor and the Man in the Iron Mask. The film was produced by Tristar Pictures and the Potter’s House church, which is led by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Tri Star pictures is a part of Sony Pictures Entertainment, which has done other faith based films, including Ordinary People, Courageous and Soul Surfer. Sony Entertainment has a division which is dedicated to producing and marketing uplifting movies. This division is known as AFFIRM Films.

Unlike Transcendece, Heaven is For Real is based on a true story. That factor may have also influenced the film’s level of appeal to a wide audience. Many people are interested in true stories. They want to know what others have experienced and hope that this will broaden their own understanding of how to make the best of their own days on this earth.

The little boy who died is the son of Pastor Todd Burpo. His son Colton had a near death experience in which he went to heaven and met his deceased relatives. Colton also met with Jesus in this experience, which occurred when the little boy underwent surgery in 2003. While Heaven For Real is a faith based film, it does not represent the beliefs of all people of faith. Some are quick to point out that dead relatives are described in First Corinthians as sleeping and that deceased loved ones await the resurrection as described in the Gospel of John.

The timing of the film can also be assumed to have had an impact on its earnings. Releasing it over the Easter weekend made it available at a time when many children were out of school and available to participate in more family activities. During this period people are also a little more conscious of religious matters and tend to ask questions about life and the nature of death. People who watched the film were likely to be interested in learning more about what is ahead after death. Individuals who are not sure whether anything exists outside of the life we all know now would also be interested in learning more through this film.

Certainly, the box office success of a film like Heaven is For Real will have a positive impact in the movie industry. It will directly lead to more faith based films being produced not just for a religious audience but for people who have their own questions about life and spirituality. These films may be used as an evangelical tool or at least, help people to be more aware of the effects of their actions and the way that they live their lives, both in the present moment and years from now.